What if I tell you that choose the best massage chair for yourself shouldn’t be confusing and frustrating?

Sounds amazing right?

To overcome the risk of getting the wrong chair and choosing the one that is best compatible with your need here is the right guide for you.

Finding the perfect massage chair can be one of the most significant challenges but after reading these best massage chair reviews you won’t feel the same confusion, you will be easily able to choose best massage chair for yourself!

We have reviewed the best massage chair to find the right one with the most suitable features for your needs.

Before reading the review here is the comparison table of best massage chair.

Just have a look so that you can get bright idea about each massage chair.

Best Massage Chairs of 2018 – Comprehensive Review​

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ImageMassage ChairAir BagsWarrantyStyleCheck Price

Infinity IT-Evoke-CB


1 Year

Zero Gravity

 Check Price

Infinity IT-8500X3-EB 3D


3 Years

Zero Gravity

 Check Price

Ideal Best Massage chair


3 Years

Zero Gravity

 Check Price

Shiatsu Massage Chair

30 Plus



 Check Price

Osaki OS4000TA
(Best Seller)

8 Plus

3 Years

Zero Gravity

 Check Price


12 Plus

3 Years

Zero Gravity 

 Check Price

Titan Ti 7700r


3 Years

Vibration Massage

 Check Price

Kahuna Massage Chair


3 Years

Zero Gravity

 Check Price

Shiatsu Massage Chair


12 Months

Zero Gravity

 Check Price

Best Massage EC-69 
(Editor’s Choice)


1 Year

Vibration Massage

 Check Price


Here are the complete review of the best massage chair of the 2018! Have a look at them!

Infinity IT-Evoke-CB Evoke Massage Chair Complete Review

infinity evokes full body massage chair

The infinity evokes one of the full body massage chairs which uses 38 airbags which will give you the feel and sense of full body compression. It will improve your circulation and also help with blood pressure.

It provides pressurized massage along the spine in long therapeutic strokes. The massage will continue through the lumber region and soothes fatigued muscles.

It has a unique feature that follows the natural ‘s’ curve of the spine. This massage provides the features a unique slide rail which confirms to that natural curve.

Many of us suffer from back pain and stress, so it provides an important feature which separates the evoke from other massage chairs this is the best massage chair for the back pain.

This massage chair is easy to install. You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to installing this massage chair.

When you just seat in this massage chair, it will make you feel the absolute pleasure, and you will be thankful that we have recommended you this beautiful and luxurious massage chair.

It provides pressurized massage along the spine in long therapeutic strokes. The massage will continue through the lumber region and soothes fatigued muscles.

It has a unique feature that follows the natural ‘s’ curve of the spine.

This massage provides the features a unique slide rail which confirms to that natural curve.

Many of us suffer from back pain and stress, so it provides an important feature which separates the evoke from other massage chairs.Why Infinity evoke Massage Chair ?

  • Massage chair has the s-track design.
  • Offers 38 second generation air bags.
  • Great facility of 3d body scan and zero gravity.
  • It is designed with space saving technology.
  • Awesome massage functions like kneading, knocking, tapping, shiatsu and rolling.
  • It provides 4 intensity speeds while other chair offers only 3.
  • You can enjoy deep tissue massage, lumbar heat, body stretch, foot and calf massage and adjustable timer.
  • It is compatible with people up to 6’2.

Pros of this massage chair:

  • It will improve your blood circulation.
  • It will help you with blood pressure.
  • It provides 4 intensity speeds while other chair offers only 3.
  • It provides 3D body scan and It’s space saver too!

Cons of this massage chair:

  • It is adaptable only to the person having height up-to 6’2.

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Infinity IT-8500X3-EB 3D Massage Chair Review

infinity IT-8500x3

The infinity IT-8500×3 is a full feature massage chairs with an even higher standard.

You are living in a world where you have the most advanced technology and most advanced features such as 3d massage technology you have a whole new level of massage nirvana.

This massage chair is loaded with the Foot rollers and airbags too! Which will also massage your legs and make you feel relief from the foot pain.

This massage chair is having its own app for iOS and Android so you can control whole massage chair from your Android or iOS device, all you have to do is connect it to your device.

If you are feeling back pain a lot then this massage chair is for you, the stretch is incredible and trusts me you won’t regret making this choice.

You are living in a world where you have the most advanced technology and most advanced features such as 3d massage technology you have a whole new level of massage nirvana.Why Infinity Infinity IT-8500×3 Massage Chair ?

  • The smaller remote will promote control from the palm of your hand.
  • Zero gravity position will recline your body so your legs are elevated above your heart.
  • Zero gravity also promotes circulation reduces the heart rate and release pressure from the spin.
  • It is the most advanced 3d technology in the market.
  • It has 3d intensity levels, new 3d auto programs and auto extend neck feature.
  • It has newly added preset programs like sport refresh, rest and sleep, working relief, extension, neck and shoulder, waist and spin.
  • The smaller remote will promote control from the palm of your hand

Pros of this massage chair:

  • It is has most advanced 3d technology in the market.
  • It provides newly added programs like sport refresh, rest and sleep, working relief, extension, neck and shoulder, waist and spin.
  • Zero gravity helps in circulation reduces the heart rate.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • There are no cons for this massage chair.

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Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu & Zero Gravity Massage chair Review – Best Value Massage chair

ideal and best massage chair

The best value ideal massage chair is one of the best massage chairs for low-end massage chairs. It was one of the top selling professional massage chairs for 2015.

This massage chair only provides the basic features of the best massage chair due to its lower price.

You should not compare it with other chairs. If you have more money to spend or we can say invest in your physical and mental happiness and if you needed more feature studded chair than you can choose to more expensive chairs on the best massage chairs list.​

The ideal massage chair is one of the lowest priced massage chairs on the list. This ideal chair provides 3 zero gravity positions.

The reason why it is on our top 8 best massage chair deals is its low price.

The ideal massage chair provides s-track massage roller system.

S-track is the older massage roller technology than compared to l-track. These rollers will massage your body from neck to very end of your tailbone.

This massage chair has an s-track massage robot. It provides hips and buttocks massage.

The roller system is designed in such a way that it will work in collaboration with the body scan to allow the massage rollers which will give you a personalized massage contoured to your body shape and immediate needs.

This chair will provide you a complete foot massage unit it will include both the calves and foot massager.

This chair supports 8 airbags but you will not get foot rollers under soles.

In order to reduce the cost manufacturer has used something called kneading balls instead of foot rollers.

The chair has 6 of them 3 for each foot. These kneading balls are not as good as foot rollers because they can’t spin and you cannot get your feet a reflexology treatment.

These static balls will push your feet towards airbags and make a little more intense and enjoyable experience.

The ideal massage chair also offers many other features such as heat therapy for your lower back, an extendable footrest to extend to fit tall people and total of 14 types of massage combinations.

It has preprogrammed with 4 auto programs which will include shiatsu massage, kneading, spinal rolling and vibration massage.

You can modify the length of the massage from 5 to 30 minutes based on your immediate needs.

You can take control of back rollers, dragging them to any part of your back while adjusting the massage style speed and intensity with the manual massage option.

The warranty on this chair is bit weak because the company doesn’t cover the labor cost in case of any damage. The things which warranty package covers are the steal body frame and all electronic parts.

The ideal massage chair is one of the best massage chairs for you if you want one of the least expensive chairs.

Other inexpensive chairs will include best massage eco6c and brook stones React shiatsu.

Every chair will have different features and price. You need to read individual features to choose the right massage chair for you.Pros of this massage chair:

  • ​​It has s-track massage robot from neck to tailbone.
  • It provides heat therapy massage, shiatsu massage chair, foot and calf massager and extendable foot rest.
  • It has 3 adjustable massage speeds and time.
  • It provides roller for improved mobility.
  • It has shoulder, arm and hand massager.
  • It provides zero gravity massage chair positions​ and complete body scan.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • The only cons with this massage chair are it is not a space saver chair.​

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Shiatsu Full Body  – Best Massage Chair Review

best massage recliner chair

In 201​8 you will find the best massage recliner as one of the most inexpensive massage chairs.

It still offers a good amount of high-end features. It is inexpensive massage chair. This chair is one of the best values you can find.

The recliner 06c massage chair provides features like heat massage, adjustable massage, the intensity of airbags, air pressure massage and many more.

The chair is programmed in such a way that it will massage tsubo points. Tsubo pints are found all around in our bodies near the meridian lines 360 to be exact. ​

These tsubo points when accelerated with massage needles or heat triggers are proven to release endorphins.

The happy brain chemical which will alleviate pain and puts you in a relaxed state.

The chair offers 3 pre-programmed modes: fatigue recovery, pain relieving massage and refreshed and airbags massage with vibration for buttocks.

The first and foremost thing you would like to know about the chair is that it’s a recliner, not a zero gravity massage chair.

This is the reason why it is available with a lower price tag. The recliner 06c massage chair offers features like heat massage, adjustable massage, the intensity of airbags, air pressure massage and many more.

The chair is programmed in such a way that it will massage tsubo points.

Tsubo pints are found all around in our bodies near the meridian lines 360 to be exact. These tsubo points when accelerated with massage needles or heat triggers are proven to release endorphins.

The happy brain chemical which will alleviate pain and puts you in a relaxed state. The chair offers 3 preprogrammed modes: fatigue recovery, pain relieving massage and refreshed and airbags massage with vibration for buttocks.

​The best massage recliner 06c provides one of the unique head modules placements.

It includes two heating modules in the lumbar area like a typical massage chair but the other two heating modules are placed in the footrest under the soles of your feet.

This is one of the better things than having them on your calves. But it is still a matter of our perception or choices.

The other good thing about the footrest is that it is extendable from 5’0 to 6’2 which makes easily adjustable for people who have less height.

If you are 5’0 tall, then you can barely reach foot massagers but because of this chair, you can quickly reach foot massagers. If you are over 6’3, you will find it difficult to fit in this chair.

This chair is one of the most popular with the consumer. It has been reviewed 100+ times on Amazon and still retained a fantastic rating overall.

You will have quantity and quality of reviews.Yet you will find even a few negative ratings.

But at the end, you must not choose one of the top massage chairs but you must select one of the best chairs for you.

Best massage only supports all parts 1-year warranty which doesn’t include labor.

So if in case chair comes with any faults you can send the chair back for repairing. There are no on-site repairs which are definitely a downside to this chair.

The company claims that the return shipping costs would be taken care of by them within the warranty period.

​The most popular and famous massage chair brands may have defects. That is the reason why most of the labor is covered in the warranty package which will fill up the quality gap.

If you buy this chair and in case it arrives with any defects makes sure to return it within the first 30 days.

Hopefully, 90% of consumers have reported that this chair works well when arrived and they are satisfied and happy with the purchase.Pros of this massage chair:

  • It provides shiatsu massage.
  • It provides heating modules at lumbar back and soles of feet.
  • For tall people it provides extendable footrest.
  • It is one of the cheapest chairs in the list.
  • It provides tsubo point detection and massage.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • Warranty package doesn’t include labor.
  • It gets noisy with airbag massage.

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Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

OS-4000T massage chair

The OS-4000T massage chair is one of the famous successors among OS-4000.

It is one of the best high-end chairs on the market. But it also lacks some of the features.

But Osaki heard their customers and designed these new chairs which include these missing features. The Osaki OS-4000T is one of the best mid-ranged massage chairs.

One of the new features which included in this version are the foot rollers. In the older version, the footrest of OS-4000 only used airbags for massage.

Foot rollers are better than airbags, and when it comes to a foot massage, they can efficiently target the acupoints of the foot area they will provide instant stress and pain relief.

Also, try to understand that airbags are not capable of perfectly mimicking human fingers like human reflexology.

One of the main features which are missing in this chair is predecessor was zero gravity. It also made it much less of a good deal for the price.

Most of the top massage chair has it because it is a feature in high demand by a consumer.

Now with the new feature of zero gravity, this chair is one of the better options for anyone who is looking for, the more features in the massage chairs.

The OS-4000T has a feature of S track massage robot that will take care of your back stiffness and pain.

These massage rollers will work like a person who imitates the kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu massage and Swedish massage movements of a human masseuse.

The massage range will start at the top of your neck and reach the end of your tailbone.

One of the best about these robotic quad rollers is that you can manually control their position guiding them to whichever part of the body needs massaging at any given moment on any given day.

It has auto leg scan technology which will adjust the foot massager according to your height and give a perfect fit.

​The massage chair has two lower back heating pads for heat therapy. It provides 6 auto programs which are healthcare, relaxes therapy, smart circulation and demo.​

It also provides features like vibration seat massage, shoulder, lumbar and hip squeeze, neck, shoulder arm and hand massage with airbags as well as a foot and calf massager. In this massage chair intensity and speed are customizable.

You will also get 6 levels for speed and intensity so that you will be able to customize your massage from slowest to the fastest speed and also from the lightest to the most intense touch.

The S track intelligent massage robot will choose one of the best massages for you according to your body and even when you are not sure which part of your body needs it the most.

It will coordinate your body with the scanning technology to identify which of your body parts needs most work.

Therefore to get the best massage on this chair what you need to do is just sit back and relax in zero gravity position and let the chair do everything for you.Pros of this massage chair:

  • It provides low price compared to other chairs with same features.
  • Body scan will adjust airbags and roller according to your body needs.​
  • Foot roller massager and ​Heat massage.
  • S track intelligent robot.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • There are no cons for this massage chair.

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Titan Ti 7700r – Massage chair Review

Most of the people can afford to purchase the massage chair because of their budget. But Titan Ti 7700r massage chair is one of the most budget-friendly chairs in the titan massage chair collection.

Within the budgeted price it offers a good set of the features which can satisfy the needs of many consumers.

One of the major updates in the high-end model is the addition of zero gravity which you will not find in the low-end model. I think this is done to keep the price down.

If you get attract to the cheap chair by the attractive price and overall features you must think and decide whether you need the vibration massage and zero gravity features.

Titan has released 2 new models each model has different additional features and price. This chair model is the new and improved version of the Ti 7700.

One of the major updates in both new models is the inclusion of the L track massage rollers to massage your body from the neck down to the upper glutes of your buttocks.

Both the chair also provides vibration massage for the buttocks and thighs.

Nothing can be best then vibration massage to the glutes to relax your body.

​The titan ti 7700 provides additional features of a lumbar heating module for aching back.

If you are suffering from back pain, then these heating module is must-have features.

This type of heat the aching will help you to expand your blood vessels to better circulate blood throughout affected parts of your body.

If the chair space saver then it will take only a few inches from the wall while another chair will need around 2 feet of space when you fully lie down.

The chair is available in 3 different colors: Black, Brown, and cream. You can choose the color Which will be best and suits your home décor and furniture.

The features also include arm and shoulder massage, dual lumbar heat therapy modules, computer body scan.

Excellent 3 year warranty package that will include all parts of labor and structure for the first year and structure for the second year and only structural framework for the last year.

The more expensive model has foot rollers to enhance the massaging experience of this chair. But the less expensive model has provided this feature.

The foot massager of this chair uses airbags and foot rollers. But it misses 1 main feature that you don’t want to lack in your massage chair which is that the foot massager does not have any kind of heating modules which another massage chair provides within the same price range.

This chair is not a space saver. If the chair space saver then it will take only a few inches from the wall while another chair will need around 2 feet of space when you fully lie down.Pros of this massage chair:

  • It is L-track massage chair.
  • It has computer body scan and ​It has Dual lumbar heat therapy modules.
  • It has foot massages with rollers and airbags.
  • It has shoulder and arm massager.
  • It includes 5 automatic massage programs.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • It doesn’t support zero gravity.
  • Massage chair is not a space saver chair.

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RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Relaxon chair

Relaxon chair is one of the new brands who has stepped into the massage chair industry. This is the products which have helped them to stand out of the box in the market.

The Relaxon chair MK-11msassage chair competes for head to head with the kahuna LM 6800 chair.

The reason behind this competition is both of the chairs have almost the same features with identical prices.

At the time of writing review, this massage chair is priced little less than the kahuna LM 6800 which will make it a better deal regarding price.

There are other features with which this chair will be better than the kahuna lm 6800. But in other aspects, LM 6800 is considered as a better massage chair.

This massage chair is also an L-track Massage chair which provides the most extended possible massage strokes from neck to buttocks.

This is one of the best features if your job or hobby requires you to sit for hours.

This chair offers a digital body scan to determine contours of your body and give you a personalized human-like massage.But in other aspects, LM 6800 is considered as a better massage chair.

The massage chair is designed to provide a deep tissue massage that slowly kneads out tight muscles, knots and trigger points. It will do this by providing you immense relaxation by focusing on your neck muscles as well.

​This chair will allow you to customize your massage sessions easily.

By using its 3 massage speed and intensity controls, you can quickly change massage speed and intensity according to your immediate needs.

The chair is also offering 3 automatic pre-configured massage programs and 3 manual massage programs which include tapping, kneading a combo of both.

The RC-MK11 supports spinal decompression which is a full body stretch the chair will hold you in your position with the help of using several calculated motions it gently will stretch your legs and back muscles to which will increase your circulation.

The RC_MK 11 is fully equipped with an expandable foot massager and calf massager. It also includes airbags which confirm your body and contours to provide a compression massage.

This feature which is combined with foot massage rollers under soles will help you decompress and relax your whole body.

​What one of the biggest luxuries will get with a chair are its 3 zero gravity positions. The chair is supporting 3 zero gravity positions more than any other chair currently providing. The chair is one of the fantastic chairs.

​If you will compare this massage chair with the kahuna LM6800 there are some cons.

This massage chair supports heat therapy but it is only available for the lumbar region but the kahuna LM 6800 supports heating module for both lower back and calves.

This chair is not a space saver for small spaces it takes around 2 feet of space from the wall when it reclines into its 3rd zero gravity position but kahuna has all of these features but kahuna is slightly more expensive than the RC- MK 11.

The chair is also offering 3-year warranty policy. It is protecting the parts and labors and structural framework for the second year and structural framework for the third year.

It means if anything goes wrongs with the chair within the warranty period of first 3 years the company will replace the damaged massage chair parts.Pros of this massage chair:

  • It provides 3 zero gravity positions.
  • It provides L-track massage robot.
  • It also provides feature of computerized body scan.
  • It has spinal decompression full body stretching.
  • It has foot massage rollers.
  • It provides heat therapy.
  • It has 4 automatic massage programs.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • It is not a space saver chair.​

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Kahuna Recliner LM6800 Massage Chair with yoga & heating therapy

 3D massage chair

The best massage chair from Kahuna is the 3D massage chair to provide you full body comfort in your home.

This all in one full body massage chair has specially designed LM-6800 L- track structure with yoga stretching and SH- Chiro massage programs with heating therapy. Additionally, 4 massage rollers with air cell massage system the effectively massage your shoulder, arm, waist, and hips.

Best of the best L track 4 roller massage system is a very efficient feature that this massage chair has, it is a shape of roller trails that designed to support your neck to back and buttocks, and this can decompress the individual spine of your body and benefits the best massage effect.

Zero gravity massage chair has a space-saving design, and even it offers three positions for true zero gravity massage experience.

The best-digitalized technology is followed by this best massage chair.

The computer body scans technology that predicts your body size automatically, and also you can enjoy custom body fit massage.

Advance air cell massage technology:

This mesmerizing technology covers most of the surface area within very few sir cells and offers you ultimate quality massage with quieter performance.

Enjoy dual foot roller on the feet area, and moreover 5 manual massage techniques that are Kneading tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneading / Tapping Combination, allows you to collaborate your way massage.

The most effective zero gravity position help to spread the weight across the chair and relieves stress allows a broader and more intense massage experience. As a result of zero gravity massage, you can fill virtually weightless, and this offers you the best therapeutical effect.

Unlike another ordinary chair this chair does not take much of the space, even it requires only 3 inches from the wall during zero gravity mode and with the new technology this chair able to align with other furniture’s too.
What does yoga stretching design do?

This unique design specially designed to stretch your entire body that can give you better blood circulation with the full body stretching relief.

The pro design!

The signature program is specially designed to target your spinal because to unlock nerve energy and to flow better down your spin. You can feel pressure relief after use.Pros of this massage chair:

  • With the high price, it is the best chair that can offer you every new package option.
  • Gives you perfect professional massage experience. Especially L shaped massage is excellent.
  • Solid construction with the enormous amount of features.
  • Best space saving design it doesn’t feel like it’s taking up too much space.
  • Easy to move around once assembles.
  • Good strength with a verity of massage functions.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • The installation of the chair is quite tricky.
  • Feet rollers are too loud!

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Shiatsu Massage Chair for Home and Office

massage chair mimic

The Sable ultimate comfort and relief massage chair mimic the manual shiatsu manipulations; the massage chair offers you real shiatsu massage by giving you perfect massage to your back, neck, and buttocks.

The remote control that can control the 3 different areas of your body massage like adjust the direction and position of your neck massage. If you want to massage your entire back, then choose 4 moving shiatsu nodes.

For boosting blood circulation, this massage chair has heat therapy system that can result in 5 minutes.
Of course, safety comes first!

This best massage chair has FDA approval, UL listed adapter, overheat protection with 15-minute auto shut off timer. That means you don’t have to worry about anything.

The comfortable long life design that is best for the persons under 6 feet.

PU leather material used in this best massage chair that is easy to clean, soft and comfortable. You can feel relaxed because this ultimate massage chair offers your body, head, buttocks, arms, and legs full pain relief and loosen up your body.

The best heat toggle mode that can give you more precise use of massage chair and the heat mode for the neck, head give you perfect comfort and offers better blood circulation.Pros of this massage chair:

  • The perfect massage chair for persons under 6 feet.
  • The best massage chair gives you soothing massage experience.
  • Excellent service and works as stated.
  • Value for money best massage chair.

Cons of this massage chair:

  • The massage knobs hurt the most in the lower back area.

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Best Massage EC-69 – Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair


The last best massage chair on this best massage chair review is from Best Massage.

This massage chair has many massage functions and features like kneading, rolling, full body shiatsu massage, tapping, flapping and vibrations and lot more.

The rolling function that moves up and down and gives you direct massage experience.

Workout knots and reduces the muscle pain with the help of kneading functions. Even more, the percussion and compression feature in this best massage chair improve flexibility, mobility, and postures of your legs.

This is the complete lifesaver! The chop action tapping and flapping reduces your body’s soreness, ache, relaxes stiff muscles, and softens the fatty and thick deposits and stressed muscles.

So talking about the best features of this massage chair the vibration for the seat, foot, calves, and cushion feels good and combines it with the rollers on the back side. The dilation of the blood vessel by vibration function is one of the best parts of this massage chair.Pros of this massage chair:

So this one is the best massage chair anyone can have.

Perfect and idol massage chair for everyone.

This is the excellent massage chair for the money.

At the very low price, it is the perfect massage chair.

Easy to assemble and takes a minimum 10 sec to assemble.Cons of this massage chair:

Not a long time is sitting massage chair.

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Let’s discuss about why you should use massage chair?Why you should use Massage Chair? – Benefits Of Massage chairs

  • You will get total relaxation and you will be stress-free.
  • Blood vessels and lymphatic vessels will get improved to eliminate toxins from your body and it will improve your blood pressure too.
  • It will relax stiff, tight and sore muscles with fewer muscles spasm and knots.
  • It will increase you blood flow which will provide more oxygenated blood to your whole body and healing will be accomplished.
  • It will improve flexibility.
  • It improves breathing by loosening tight muscles around the ribs.
  • It will increase endorphins, a brain chemical for providing pain relief naturally will be enhanced, and exercise will increase endorphins also.
  • It will increase a sense of well-being with relaxed muscles, increased levels of endorphins, blood and lymph fluid flow to feel stronger and younger with a lovely youthful glow.

​One of the most important benefits of a massage chair is that it is a long-lasting investment. You have to play once but you can regularly use it for years.Are massage chairs safe during pregnancy?

There are 80% of pregnant women who find themselves under frequent attack of neck shoulder and back pain.

If you are one of them and in case you are pregnant, you need to know certain things.

There has been no evidence or scientific proof by which anyone would give you that the best massage chair is safe or not during pregnancy.

But you should be aware.

Mayo clinic provides this information.The usage of a massage chair is controversial because it can trigger a condition known as hyperthermia. The disease can be triggered by a hot tub bath or when the body temperature raises up-to 38.9C.

Also, massage chairs have lumbar and calve heating modules it is feared that they will cause the body temperature to rise suitable enough for a hyperthermia attack (Wikipedia). There are certain tips you need to follow and stay on safe side.

How to avoid Hypothermia in pregnancy?

  • Never use heating modules in summer.
  • Don’t take heat massage for more than 15 minutes.
  • In the first trimester don’t use a head massage.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable or sweating by the warmth, then stop the heating module.

There are one another theory that massage chairs are not safe during pregnancy is not related to the pressure points in the feet. Also, some people believe that if some specific pressure points, if worked on, can send a woman into pre-term labor.

One of the most important benefits of a massage chair is that it is a long-lasting investment. You have to pay once but you can regularly use it for years.

Every massage chairs have unique style feature and design. There are various types of massage chairs available in the market.

Now to decide which one to choose​?

We have listed the features and benefits of Best massage chairs for 2018 which will help you to choose best massage chair for your home or office.

You can have the luxury of your favorite massage while sitting in the comfort of your bedroom.

You need to find out which massage chairs fit your needs.

You also don’t have to pay for your massage therapist to reduce your mental stress. Now you can have your massage chair.

High-end massage chairs will give you different kinds of massage like full body massage, zero gravity massage, shiatsu massage and many more.

Have a look,

I have listed the things to consider before buying a massage chair!How to choose the Best Massage Chair in 2018 ? – Buyer’s Guide

1. Consider and identify your own needs:

If you are thinking of purchasing your massage therapy chair but precisely what is your need for this machine?

The question is why do you need it for DE-stressing and relaxing it at the end of a long day?


Do you need it as a treatment for a specific health condition? Or maybe you want a chair for a massage just because everyone else has or you don’t want to feel out of the good stuff?

When identifying your needs be objective and accordingly to what’s more important to you try to set your priorities.

You will need to think of whether to focus on aesthetics of the function of the chair. Depending on your answer certain brands or models will be more suitable for your choice.

2. Set your budget:

This is one of the most important factors to consider your budget.

How much do you want to invest in a massage chair?

If you know how much price do you want to purchase, then it will be easier for you to choose the Best Massage Chair in your budget!

If your budget is tight, you can check models equipped with essential features.

On the other hand if the price range you are willing to work with: is higher you can go for chairs which are having extra useful features.

We have a mindset if it is expensive then it will provide good quality but it is not applicable in all the case.

So, before the quality of material used, size and the chair. One thing you can do is check reviews.

3. Massage chair price:

​​Price is the most important thing to consider before purchasing a massage chair, right?

Massage chair prices can be low as several hundred dollars to over 8000. On Amazon, you can find good massage chair deals.

Checkout: Best Massage chair under $1000

4. Choose the brand:

Choose the chair from a recognized brand as it signifies high quality, credibility and excellent customer support.

5. Where to buy a massage chair?

Due to increasing use of technology you no longer have checked all the stores that sell these massagers you can buy it online.

If you are wondering where to buy massage chairs online a right place you can check is Amazon.

There are different brands and models available and it allows checking real user feedback before purchase.

6. Read reviews:

To get an exact idea, you can check the quality of different chair models; it can be very much helpful to read reviews of real users.

You can read the reviews on your website where write about the top of the line massage chairs based on research.

You can check Amazon where you can check real user feedback.

7. Warranty:

The most critical factor is warranty.

Check the manufacturer’s warranty periods for the chair parts.

You also want the chair to work for a very long time. But things can break sometimes and in this way, you will know that your investment is protected.

After considering all these factors now, it will be not difficult to choose the most suitable massaging chair.

You need to be objective and give some thought to what’s more important for you.

With the tips we have listed above you can find the chair which will perfectly fit your home or choice as well as fit your budget and needs.

It is an essential investment in your health and with the right choice, it can last you for several years regularly giving your body the much-needed massage.

I have listed out the 8 best massaging chairs currently available in the market and also experts have given an opinion on it.

I hope the below-provided information will help you to choose massage chair which is best and fit for you.Massage chair glossary:

​​Now you might be confused with the certain terms used in the massage review especially in case if you are trying to purchase a massage chair for the first time.

Now I will help you to find out the meaning of specific commonly used terms, and it will help you to find a good massage chair.

1. L-track roller system:

​​The L-track massage rollers are one of the new technologies in robotic massage rollers.

These rollers have the longest reach in a massage chair.

Firstly this feature was introduced in the infinity Iyashi. It has 46 long massage strokes.

Normally L-track extends the reach of massage rollers from your neck to your buttocks. But all massage chairs differ in reach.

Many companies who are advertising their chair to be L-track only will provide massage stroke to the upper glutes. The best practice you can do is to ask about the roller reach in inches from the seller.

2. S-track roller system:

​S-tack is one kind of older version of robotic massage roller technology. The reach of a typical S-track massage roller ends at the tail bone.

3. Foot rollers:

​​Foot rollers are somewhat similar to the S-track and L-track rollers but as the name implies they are placed in the foot massager under your soles.

It has been observed that foot rollers are one of the best ways to massage your feet. They push into your feet and spin back and forth to give you a complete therapeutic experience.

They leave the user more relaxed and rejuvenated and are more capable of stimulating the tsubo points in the feet when you compared with the airbags.

4. Zero gravity:

​​Zero gravity is one of the most popular features in massage chairs.

I don’t think you are aware of this. But if you are completely starting then zero gravity is just a position that is achieved when your legs are above your heart.

The position is also known as weightlessness because there is literally zero strain in your body.

Zero gravity positions are perfect for better blood circulation and trigger relaxation.

Massage in zero gravity position will be 3 times more therapeutic than in a normal environment you will also find this in one of the best massage chair features.

5. Body scan:

Massage chairs have body scans to adjust the massage rollers and airbags according to the body type of the user.

Many of the people with the same height will have different mass and width.

The inclusion of body scan will ensure that a massage chair would massage on the right spots and it will not matter if you have different size and stature of users.

6. Airbags:

​Airbags are one of the best standard massage technologies. They are found in every type of massage chair.

These empty airbags are inflated and deflated against the body to give a massage like an experience.

7. Space saver chairs:

If you see a zero gravity chair in real life, you would have noted that it will take a lot of space from the wall to make it a complete reclines.

Therefore if you need to place the chair in such a way that it doesn’t affect the beauty of the room. But with the space-saving chairs, you don’t need to worry about that a non-space saving chair takes more than 2 feet from the wall.

Space-saving chairs can fully recline with only a couple of space. Space saver chairs don’t make the best massage chair but they do have a practical sense of small areas and apartments.

You need to be sure to take accurate measurements before taking into consideration additional space for movement.Massage chair brands

Massage chair has different kind of brands.

Now you might get confused about which brand to purchase, so I have listed various brands for you.


Panasonic presents one of the best innovations in massage chair technology.

Since 1960’s they have been developing and assembling massage chairs. They focus on creating the massage experience as a lifeline as possible.

Panasonic is always known for high quality, and their massage chairs are made with that quality as well.

Top rated massage chair models include EP-30007 and MA-70. It is one of the best sellers of Panasonic brand.


​Inada company is another pioneer in massage chair technology.

Since so many years it has been working on massage chair market. Chairs are designed and made in Japan. They put a lot of effort into developing the most advanced techniques.

One of the best models is Inada’s is Sogno Dream wave. It provides a fantastic massage performance which is provided by a sophisticated airbag massage system. It also offers easy usability with an attractive design.


​Omega is one of the chairs which are known for their high-quality chairs and their functions.

They focus on developing chairs that are feature rich but are easy to use.

These chairs provide the firm, Smooth and realistic massage experience. They also consider the mindset of the consumer.​

The most popular omega model is the montage pro. It is designed in such a way that it has a sleek design, solid construction, and multiple useful features.


​Osaki brand is one of the newer massage manufacturers.

They were in the industry for just a few years they have been providing cutting-edge chair massage products.

They offer excellent revenge of products each one focusing on the massage therapy experience.

​The OS-4000 is one of the best Osaki models. It includes zero gravity, a multitude of pre-programmed functions and 48 airbags.

5. Cozzia

​​Cozzia has developed a good range of massage therapy focused products which are made with high quality.

They make such products which are easy to use with high-quality materials. Cozzia have all kind of massage chairs which can fit different needs and budget.

​The Best Cozzia model is 16027 massage chairs. This zero gravity chair delivers a firm but through massage with its features.

6. Infinity

​One of another famous brand is infinity.

In 2009 they launched their first line of therapeutic massage chairs. They have provided massage products for spas.

All the chairs offer different massage styles and functions. Their best chair includes Iyashi, IT-8500 and IT-8100.

7. Luraco

Luraco is one of the manufacturers of spa and massage technology.

Their best chair is the I Robotics 6. It has high-quality material, features, 100 airbags and zero gravity.

8. Human touch

​Human touch has won awards for their massage chair manufacturing.

In developing their products, they focus on person’s wellness and incorporate features which will provide life-like experience.

Their headquarters are located in the U.S in southern California. I joy and HT is their famous lines.

9. Osim

​Osim massage chairs are built with high-quality materials and always come in a modern and contemporary design. They have also used advanced therapeutic technologies.

U divine is their popular model. One of the products that stand out of the box is uAstro2.

10. I comfort

​I comfort owned by a Canadian based company. They have many spa and health-related products including massage chairs.

It is not the popular brand but has a good line, and they continue to research and develop new ones.

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If you are looking for your spa, then there are certainly other products you can consider purchasing your business like portable massage chairs or portable massage tables, etc.

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There are certain health benefits from massage chair like from reducing pain to stress relief. With the advanced technologies used in the chair, you can have the perfect massage for your exact needs.

All the chairs are literally the best massage chairs, but in case you are still confused with which chair to choose then the kahuna LM 6800 massage chair which can be affordable and in case price is not a matter for you then the Infinity Iyashi massage chair is absolutely fantastic chair.

Have an amazing fun and relax in the massage chair. Hope the above-provided information will be useful to you.


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