Best Japanese massage chairs for 2018 : Buyer’s Guide

​In this ultra-modern life of ours, it is getting challenging to find spare time to relax and get stress free.


to relax and stress-free in the available time, massage is an excellent option.

​Parameters​Inada Sogno DreamwaveINADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3sJohnson Wellness J6800 4D​INADA DreamWave
​Massage Sequences​​​​​8111116
​Comfort​Extremely comfortable​Moderately comfortable​Extremely comfortable​Extremely comfortable
​Full ​Body ​Massage​Yes​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Size​55 x 37 x 48 Inches​50.4 x 33.5 x 41.7 ​Inches​53.2 x 35.1 x 48.5 ​Inches​82.7 x 36.6 x 47.6 ​Inches
​Weight in ​Pounds​​​​​​264.6​165.4​213.5​265
​Warranty​3 years​3 years​3 years​3 years
​Heating functions​Yes ( Back and seat)​Yes (Palm and sole)​Yes (Lumbar, hands / feet)​Yes ( Back and seat)
​Dream wave technology​​​​​​Yes​YesNo​Yes
​Body scanner​​​​​​Yes​Yes​Yes​Yes
​No. of air bags​1005031100
​Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

But getting a massage from a professional massage therapist can burn a hole in your pocket. So a smart alternative for it is to have your massage chair at home or office. Your private massage chair will help remove the stress and make you feel relaxed.

Just imagine after the day’s tiresome, hard work, you are on your massage chair getting relieved of all your tiredness with the strokes of almost human-like hands on your back, head and other parts of your body with your favorite beverage to drink.

Yes, it is indeed possible to get rid of all the back pains and aches after sitting continuously in the cubicle staring at your computer. With a decent massage chair, you can get the heavenly pleasures of massage in the comfort of your home or office.

Japanese massage chairs simulate shiatsu therapy. Based on this therapy all the Japanese massage chair works. Shiatsu therapy involves acupressure and stretching concepts. Shiatsu massage therapy has many different pros associated with it, and it is something that you get in every Japanese massage chairs.


Reduces muscle pain and tension: Back pain can be reduced drastically by the regular use of the Japanese massage chair, as Japanese massages are based on shiatsu therapy which balances the energy flow in the body by using various acupressure and stretching techniques. Muscle pain and tension can be reduced by getting a massage session in the massage chairs.

Correcting the posture: It is strongly recommended that maintain a good posture in your young age or else it would be creating various back related aches in the old age. So if you are facing some minor back aches after work then it is beneficial to start getting a massage for correcting your posture.

Reduces stress: After all the hardships at the work, it is obvious that one might get stressed out. Stress can take the essence of life out. Nothing is better than a relaxing massage in the massage chair. A decent session of massage will remove all the stress and will leave with a soothing feeling, and you will be so much energized.

Get rid of headaches: It is normal that your head starts paining after the day’s complex tasks, but you don’t have to suffer headaches if you are using the Japanese massage chair. Usually, headaches are caused due to lower blood circulation in some parts of the head, so with a decent massage the blood flow comes back to its normal level, and headaches can be rectified by doing so.

Relaxing stiff and sour muscles: If your ankle or wrist is twisted while playing your favorite sport, then a rejuvenating massage can help the still or sour muscles relax and get back on track. It will reduce the sourness from your sour muscles group.

Increases blood circulation: With a relaxing massage, blood circulation increases and helps you keep the blood pressure down and also revitalizes your energy levels. Good blood flow has numerous benefits like the removal of toxins from your system. Massage can be very beneficial for overall health.

Aids in muscle tear recovery: In the recovery of the torn muscles, massage is of great advantage; not only it helps in quicker recovery but also helps in the process of healing of the damaged tissues of the muscles.

Increased endorphins: A good massage with releases a hormone called endorphins which gives relief from any kind of pain naturally. Higher levels of the endorphins result in the more relaxing feeling naturally without the use of any harmful drugs.

Improves flexibility: With the regular use of the massage chair, one can get higher flexibility as the muscles tissues have better blood circulation.

Relives the pain of arthritis: If you are suffering from arthritis, then using a Japanese chair to get a good massage will yield in the reduction of the pain caused due to arthritis.

Helps you sleep better: I bet you have witnessed many nights or observe someone from your friends and family saying that due to the tension and stress they could not sleep well last night. In such scenarios, Japanese massage could be of great significance to ease out the stress and result in a sound baby-like sleep.


Pre-programmed massage sequences: It is one of the prime concern before buying any massage chair; if the massage chair has the rich inbuilt functions for different purposes then it will quickly soothe you on various occasions when you need different types of massage.

Comfort: After all one is buying the massage chair for getting relaxed after the day’s work and if it is not comfortable then does not matter how good massage it is giving it won’t be able to make you feel good. If you are a tall person, then not all massage chair will not be your cup of tea.

Costing: Many massage chairs are available for costly prices and some are lower in comparison, but best value for money is the chair that does that can best simulate the hands of a professional massage therapist.

The number of airbags: The higher number of the airbags means more precision in applying pressure at various shiatsu points in your body; which will create a deeper effect of relaxation.

Warranty: When one is buying a costly massage chair, they have to consider for sure that how much time it is going to last and if anything goes wrong then there is the warranty to cover up for the repair or replacement of the parts that need to be changed.

Full body massage: It is an essential to know that whether the massage chair is giving you a complete body massage or is only providing for specific body parts only; as you will want to get a full body massage to relax completely and so do check before buying any massage chair.

Size: It does matter how much space it is going to occupy as if it occupies more space at your office than you have than massage chair will not fit. Do check out how much space you can allot to the massage chair and according to that only but a Japanese massage chair.

Weight: If the Japanese massage chair is weighing too much then it would be a tough job, especially when you’re moving into a new place. Even if you want to move it to another location in your own home or office, then it would be a call for help.

INADA DREAMWAVE – Japanese Massage chair Review

It is the best Japanese massage chair available right now on the market. It is state of the art massage chair; it is so far the best creation of the Inada. It gives the sheer relaxing experience with its patented “Dreamwave” technology.

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair, it has the 1200 inches of coverage just like its predecessor. With the larger coverage, it has rollers that offer eight motion that simulates the hand movements same that is followed by a shiatsu massage experts.

It has 16 auto massage sequence that will cover all your needs.

This has rich features like morning and nighttime massage sequences. Also, more than 1000 customizable combinations are offered in this massage chair.

It has a unique feature called youth session which specially designed to give gentle, relaxing massage to the 14 years old and above. The makers of this chair know that different family members have different needs and want so they have taken special care to deal with it.

Some benchmark features like body scanner and Dreamwave mode which only Inada companies top massage chair offers. Body scanning mechanics identifies each user’s unique shiatsu points and delivers the message just like a personal shiatsu expert shall do after his/her years of experience. This chair after scanning compares the data from 106 stored profiles and then applies to you the best massage that fits you.

It has an excellent stretching program, which is of great help to the people having issues with tight or sore lower back muscles.

It has four rollers dedicated to reaching every corner of your back and neck. The uniqueness of this chair is that rollers apply force in such a distributed equally among all the four rollers, which make you feel that a hand of shiatsu expert is giving you an intense relaxing massage. It also has features of heat and vibration that will add to the effects of rollers.

It consists of a head-piece that has several air cells that provides a simply relaxing massage to your neck, shoulders and trapezius muscles. It has over 100 air cells which will give you neck, shoulder, full arm, hips, and thighs massage. Very few massage chairs offer such wide range of pinpoint massage from the tip of your toe to the head with such efficiency.

If you are tall like 6’4, then this chair is definitely for you as it offers massage for people with good height too. It can be reclined between 120 degrees to 165 degrees for your needs.

Key Features of this massage chair:
  • 16 different massage sequences.
  • 1200 inches coverage.
  • 100 plus air cells for pinpoint massage.
  • Inbuilt stretching functions for back problems.
  • Full body massage.
  • Option to choose from several types of massage like vibration, compression, and rollers.
  • One massage chair for all family needs as it has youth session.
  • Special head-piece called cervical traction device for neck and shoulder massages.
  • Full arm, hips and thigh massage.
  • Body scanner with 100 plus air cells for pinpoint massages.
Pros of this massage chair:
  • 1200 inches coverage.
  • 1000 plus massage options to choose from.
  • 16 different massage sequences.
  • Youth session for young users.
  • Can give massage to a tall person like 6’5.
  • Heat and vibration features.
  • full arm, thighs, and hips massage functions.
  • Very effective neck massages system.
  • Body scanning technology.
  • 100 plus air cells for pinpoint massage.
  • Patented Dreamwave technology.
  • Extremely comfortable.
Cons of this massage chair:
  • Very heavy.
  • No zero gravity feature.
  • No mechanical foot roller (foot massage is given by airbags).
  • No option to save your favorite massages settings.

If you are not going to miss the zero gravity, then this is the best buying by overall all the factors. It costs a little bit higher than cheap Chinese massage chairs, but Inada has created a legacy in building efficient Massage chair based on shiatsu massage therapy.

It will be a one-time investment for all your family members who want to get relaxed naturally without any side effects. It offers shiatsu massage for all the family members. It is the best Japanese massage chair that we recommend anyone to buy.

Inada’s massage chairs work fine for 15 years. It’s a value for money product. Buying this product, you won’t regret.


INADA SOGNO DREAMWAVE – Japanese Massage chair Review

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is the older model of the new Inada Dreamwave massage chair, but still many people prefer older version over the new version. It gives its users maximum coverage; it offers 1200 inches of massage coverage. It is backed by the patented Dreamwave technology that only Inada has.

This patented technology simulates the shiatsu massage technique that is a tradition in the Japan from ancient times. It has inbuilt 8 massage sequence that relaxes you on different occasions; as per your needs.

The personal touch that you get in this massaging chair is something that can be categorized as outstanding. In the manual mode, one can get the specific massage based on their requirement. There is more than 1000 plus combination to choose from. A user has numerous options like vibrations, human-hands, rolling and much more. A user can select any technique that relaxes them the most.

There are 8 healthcare programs as well as 4 well-being programs. Each program is based on the shiatsu therapy. It also includes programs like morning, night-time, stretch and famous Dreamwave. This special program helps in getting complete relaxation, similar to the human hand’s massage. It is especially, beneficial to the insomniac person.

There are special arrangements made in this massage chair to take care of your shoulder, neck and a full arm. For this feature, an airbag is used to subtly squeeze & knead your muscles in hand and arms to give a relaxing sensation.

One of the other great pros of this Japanese massage chair is a special feature called sensor scan. This option scans and measures your body posture and automatically finds the best massage that suits your body from its 106 profiles stored in the memory of the system.

Key Features of this massage chair:
  • 1000 plus massage customizable variations.
  • 1200 inches of massage coverage.
  • Most important patented technology “Dreamwave.”
  • 8 pre-programmed massage sequence.
  • Shiatsu Massage point locator.
  • Complete body massage.
  • Special roller options.
  • Body scanner with 106 profiles to choose from.
  • Infrared back & heated seat.
  • Handheld remote.
  • Shoulder and full arm massage abilities.
Pros of this massage chair:
  • 1200 inches coverage.
  • Hips and thighs massage functions especially for hips and thighs.
  • 8 pre-programmed massage sequences.
  • 1000 plus massage options to choose from.
  • Elegant design.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Roller-based foot massager.
  • Body scanner.
  • Large coverage area can give massage to someone as tall as 6’5.
  • Has child lock feature.
  • Patented “Dreamwave” technology.
Cons of this massage chair:
  • Very heavy, not easy to move.
  • So many functionalities come with a higher cost.
  • Costly spare parts.
  • Some users are not happy with the curved position.
  • Some function does massage mildly, not recommended for deep tissue massage.
  • No zero gravity feature.

If you are looking for a Japanese massage chair that has the massage capacity of 1200 inches, does complete body massage with heated seats, scans your posture and suggests best massage from 106 profiles, does special massage in your shoulder & full arms and also avails you the experience of the patented “Dreamwave” technology then Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is definitely for you.



The Johnson Wellness J6800 4D massage chair is developed for the deep tissue massage. It offers an advanced 4D movement that gives highly precise and simulation of hand like the massage.

It offers 4D massage mechanism. In the standard massages other than the Johnson Wellness J6800 4D massage chair massage rollers only can move from left to right or from top to bottom but in this massage chair, rollers can move forward and backward adding to the relaxation.

Its massage mechanism allows permits it’s rollers to tune up with rhythm and pressure techniques to give the user a relaxing massage, just like by human hands. An option of changing the pressure applied leads to more personalized massages.

It has 31 LLDPE rapid response airbags, which is used by pulse air massage system to simulate the massage by hands of an expert on your shoulders, arms, hips, things, calves, and feet.

​The Johnson Wellness J6800 4D message chair grants its user to store max three user profiles for every massage programs. To give maximum comfort, its armrest automatically adjusts accordingly to the recline angles.

It not only relaxes the user by the massaging but also does calm them by the ability to play music while you get the massage. It can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or iPod. It also has a feature which enables users to sync the massage with the rhythm of the music being played.

There are 11 pre-programmed massage sequences and 46 different massage techniques. It does give you powered recline & rise option. The J6800’s calf and foot massage units can be flipped for conserving space when not in use.

Key Features of this massage chair:
  • 4D massage mechanism for deep tissue massage.
  • 11 pre-programmed massage sequence.
  • High performance Japanese massage robot.
  • Convertible footrest and ottoman for space.
  • LCD display for information showing.
  • Auto-recline armrest.
  • Powered recline and rise system.
  • Inbuilt speaker for music playing.
  • 46 available massage techniques.
  • Pinpoint manual neck massage.
  • Air strength adjustability for aggressive or mild massage.
Pros of this massage chair:
  • 4D massage mechanism.
  • Automatic body scanning technology.
  • Rotating ottoman.
  • Music streaming system.
  • Customizable massage program.
  • 46 massage techniques.
  • 11 pre-programmed massage sequence.
  • 3 profiles user memory.
  • Automatically adjustable armrest.
Cons of this massage chair:
  • No Zero gravity feature.
  • No infrared heated seat.
  • Less memory for storage.

If you are looking for a deeper tissue massage, then this massage chair is for you. Its massage rollers have unique ability to move forward and backward with variations in the pressure to be applied, resulting in more personalized massage.

It is a very comfortable chair with auto recline, powered recline settings and with one touch you can do everything you want. Major customers of this chair are looking for a deep tissue massage.



The INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s is therapeutic massage chair that is designed for aiding in the back pain and stretching. It is specially created for helping correct the posture and removal of the stiffness of back muscles.

The main specialty of this Inada production is that it gives a deep tissue massage. It gives more aggressive massage than the Dreamwave model of the Inada.

It is claimed from the makers, that Inada flex 3s massage chair restores and then maintains the three s-curves of your spine that is cervical, thoracic and lumber. It does its work very efficiently; the owners of this massage chair proudly say that it works and works very well in correcting the posture. In fact, it could be a boon for the person suffering from the posture issue.

It was created, after consulting with the top Japanese sports stretching experts, Tadashi Kaneko. It is the only massage chair in the market that combines the benefits of the shiatsu massage therapy and therapeutic stretching methods. It is an ultimate chair for correcting your posture and relaxing too.

​It gives you a full body massage with 11 pre-programmed sequences which will complete all your stretching and posture correction needs; out of which 5 are manual massage types for your personalization.

It has 50 airbags with a patented body scanner technology for full body massage with the pinpoint precision. It provides palm and sole heaters along with a 3D roller technology for the best posture correction.

It has a detachable headrest and lower back pad. It also provides shiatsu accessories that can be added to a deeper feet massage.

Key Features of this massage chair:
  • Posture correction massages.
  • Spine maintenance and restoration massage functions.
  • Therapeutic and shiatsu massage.
  • Deep tissue and aggressive massage.
  • Stretching programs.
  • Palm and sole heaters.
  • 11 pre-programmed massage sequence.
  • Unlimited customization.
  • Body scanner for pinpoint massage.
Pros of this massage chair:
  • Spine maintenance and restoration functions.
  • Posture correction.
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Customizable massage combinations.
  • Elegant design.
  • best stretching programs.
  • 11 pre-programmed massage sequence.
  • Palm and sole heaters.
  • Full body massage.
Cons of this massage chair:
  • Not up to the standard controller.
  • It is comparatively expensive.
  • Limited features in comparison to other massage chairs.

This chair is specially designed to correct the posture and perform stretching exercises. If you are someone who wants a trusted brand and have issues with the back pain and wants to get an aggressive relaxing massage, then this massage chair is definitely for you.

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