Top 5 Best massage table of 2018 – [Complete Review & Buyers Guide]

Need the best massage table for your job or home for the therapy visits?

You are landed on the right page!

If you are massage therapist or training yourself and serious about massage, then it is essential to have the right equipment with you.

Very first, you may found the all massage table same, right?

But looking at very deep it differs in features, material, quality and much more. As a massage therapist, it is essential for you to choose best massage table that suits you.

But how you can find which best massage table you get?

Here I have reviewed the best 5 massage tables of 2018 that will very lightweight, budget-friendly, and foldable and with the sturdy design.

So just don’t waste your time and if you are ready to buy massage table then jump to best massage table review.

Best Massage Table of 2018

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Portable Massage Table
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Best Massage Table
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Master Massage Table



Folding Massage Table



Sierra Massage Table
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BestMassage – Portable Massage Table

BestMassage Massage Table

The best rated portable massage table has PU leather material which is oil and waterproof so, it makes cleaning easy and you no need to worry about any damage.

This best massage table from BestMassage brand has the adjustable height up to 26” to 36”, in case if you have varying height massage therapist.

This massage table is easy to use, and if you want to carry it with you, then it’s utterly refreshing because it comes with the carrying bag.

The price is lowest but the quality is at its best!

In this modern era, it is hard to find fully functional cheap massage tables, BestMassage offers you high-quality massage table. The birch frame ensures you thoroughly professional strength with a weight limit of max 450LB.

Yeah, it is foldable type massage table, that means it saves your space make it easy for you to carry it everywhere with free carry case. Even more, the upholstery contains 2- inch thick high-density small cell foam padding and high-quality PVC.

This table is best for: Students, new practitioners, home therapist or anyone who wants to have a great massage table and don’t want to spend more money at the upfront.

Best of the best:

This massage table comes with many free accessories like face pillow, adjustable headrest, hanging arm shelf and one pair of hand rest.

  • Adjustable height for different people so, all people can able to use this table.
  • Great armrest extension.
  • Best price with great features and free accessories.
  • Easy management of the table.
  • Bit heavy, if you are carrying it so long time.


BestMassage Massage Table – with Free Carry Case and Bolster

BestMassage Mssage Tablae

The second luxurious massage table from the BestMassage.

The fully functional best massage table with a meager price. Yeah, the cost of the first product is the bit low then this one but there is the change in both products too!

Wanna see why this massage table differs from the first one?

Well, with the professional strength this massage table limits up to 600LB of weight. Not only a weight to consider but the 77” long without headrest and 30” wide, such a most massive massage table it is on the market.

The upholstery contains 4 inches thick and high-density small cell padding with PU leather material which is water and oil proof.

Set up and set out on the table is easy because it is foldable, so you can efficiently manage the table.

So can’t get your heads out of it as this one is the best massage table you have ever seen.

Who fits best for this table?

It is best for almost all the population, and especially it is great for professional business.

  • The big and impressive table at such a meager price.
  • Comfortable, sturdy and fantastic quality of the table.
  • Portable and quality are excellent.
  • Heavy and smell so bad.


Master Massage – Professional Portable Massage Table

Portable Massage Table

Over 18 years master massage has been a leader in professional quality massage equipment.

The adjustable massage table has great strength and capacity that it can manage 1000 pounds of static and 750 pounds of working weight.

This best capacity and strength is possible just because of the testing and quality of material used. Additionally, the exclusive and some innovative design of hardware used like duo plane center hinges which wrap around the center wood joint and making that vulnerable area unbreakable.

Master massage uses small multilayer foam in their products, and the cushion has a unique combination of foam and thickness to create the best balance, support and comfort.

The bottom layer offers max comfort that your client never feel the table structure, a middle part of the table is excellent, it contours the body and memory foam top layer offer you max comfort.

Great adjustable face cradle and face pillow:

Face cradle has the great ergonomic design which fits all the shape and size, and it is designed differently than regular flat face cradle. The curved crossbar allows the cushion to adjust with the shape of the ant peoples face.

The face pillow is designed differently than others it looks like the shape of two palms of our hands. The sensitive memory foam in this pillow interacts with the client’s contours and give you instant comfortableness and relief.

The armrest shelf in this best massage table is 2x larger and stronger compared to another traditional massage table that comes so thin and breaks easily.

The two style of the massage table with the price of one!

So are you ready to enjoy two massage experience?

Well, it comes with shiatsu cable release that will give you tatami experience. This best feature let customer detach the cable from table legs effortless twisting with the butterfly knot.

The therapist mostly gets trouble getting closer to their client for better massage experience and angle. So, no more complaint about it because this best massage table offers you Reiki panel and with the help of this Reiki panel, you can easily stretch your knee under the table.

For easy and quick height adjustment the best of the best leg adjustment holes are available.

So, this one is the best to invest massage table that will give you incredible massage experience. And it is best for students, professors, and massage therapist.

  • It gives crazy comforts and.
  • Excellent quality product and works well.
  • Very sturdy and high-quality material.
  • Shorter lifespan.


BestMassage – folding massage table

 folding massage table

The 3rd product from the BestMassage brand is the portable one with carrying case.

So what’s the difference between this massage table and first two massages table that I have reviewed earlier?

The weight carrying capacity:

This best portable massage table has 600 pounds of work and 2400 pounds of static weight capacity.

Exclusive! The backrest part has multiple levels of incline system that ranges up to 60 degrees. It made easy working and comfortless for client and therapist.

So do yourself a favor and make your client happy by buying this best massage table!

With that give and receive perfect massage and spa with the great features like adjustable backrest, adjustable knee raise, and oversized spa table.

Just like other BestMassage products it made from PU leather, so it is comfy and easy to clean.As well natural pedicure, facial with its great features and multiple hight adjustment features.

This one is the best massage table any professional or homeowner can use for having best massage experience.


Cheap and robust compared to its other models.

  • Large table, so you never feel table.
  • Easy folding and storage.
  • Carrying bag is awesome.
  • Very long lifespan.
  • Backrest is not too active; it will break after few months of use.
  • Quality is not as better as you want but compared to the price it considered to be okay.


Sierra Comfort –  Best Massage Table

Best Massage Table

Sierra is the best seller in the field of saloon and spa products. The last but not list best massage table is by portable massage table by Sierra brand.

It offers you a complete massage experience to get started with your day.

Let’s start with its portable massage table that is made from a high quality material such as beech timber, with a luxurious 2.5-inch high-density foam deck that will keep your client comfortable.

While speaking about the other features, this best-rated massage tables includes arm support, an armrest, and removable facial cradle.

The tension coated wire for the better leg support with increasing strength and durability.

Sierra comfort added a set of the fitted sheet that is made from 100% cotton, and I am sure your clients will love the accessories which include semi-circle bolster, an oil pouch, cotton sheet set, durable carry bag, towel hunger, almost everything for secure and adjustable storage.

This best massage table measures 72 inches long and 28 inches wide with the adjustable table face cradle and led support height up to 23 to 33 inches.

With the 450 LB weight limit, the manufacturer provides excellent 5 years of warranty on frame. So this one is the best long lasting massage table anyone can buy.

  • Easy to set up and store.
  • Best personal massage table.
  • Nice looking and comfortable table.
  • Shorter lifespan, cracks after some period.


Final Words : Best Massage Table

So are you find this best 5 massage table helpful and worth to buy?

If you are confused which best massage table you get then here is the little help for you.

If you are the beginner and don’t want to spend more money, then you should buy BestMassage – Portable Massage Table. It is cheap in price as well as quality is excellent.

If you need thoroughly professional and multistage massage chair then Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is the best to have because it is the highly rated affordable and offers many features that any professional want in their massage table.

So, here is a choice to make which best massage table you want. Still, if you have any questions or suggestions then fill free to contact us or do comment below.

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