Top 10 Best Neck Massager of 2018 – [Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide]

Want to get rid of daily stress and muscle pain?

Are you looking for something that relieves your body and muscle pain?

If yes, then you are on the right way!

In this busty and stressful life everyone go through the back and neck pain and to relieve this pain massage is the most popular therapy nowadays.

But practically it is not possible for everyone to go for the massage every day, right? In fact, it can cost you much if you want the daily massage for getting rid of your pain.

So, what to do with reducing your pain within your budget?

The neck massager is the best tool that will give you best massage therapy just like any spa and give you real massage experience.

Here below I have listed 10 best neck massager that will undoubtedly benefit in your pain as well as improves your health too!

Before Checking out review Just check out the table below so you can get bit idea about all products.

Best 10 Neck Massager of 2018

ImageProductMassage NodesCordlessRatingsCheck Price

LiBa Massager
(Best Sellers)




InvoSpa Massager








FIVE SMassager




NAIPO Massager




Dr. Anna Massager
(Editor's Choice)




(Best Sellers)




NAIPO Massager




Belmint BMassager
(Best Sellers)




AUGYMER Massager




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LiBa Full Body Shiatsu Massage Belt – For Neck, Shoulder and Back

The very first best neck massager on my list is Full body shiatsu massage belt by LiBa.

The best part of this massager is that you can use it everywhere. So, massage any spot of your body with this best fully portable and cordless massager belt.

Are people looking for strongness of the massage belt?

Well, the all new motors in therapeutic massager offer deep kneading and soothe your muscles and relieve pain and the engine is 2 times stronger massage motor then traditional motors. The massage nodes can move clockwise or counterclockwise.

You can use this massager with heat or without heat to relieve your muscle pain. The heat mode is comfy and offers you deep tissue massage that will leave you free of pain. The heat mode heats up within 15 minutes.


When to use heat and no heat mode?

Well, most people (Including me) uses no heat mode for simply massage purpose, and in the case of pain and stiffness, I use heat mode.

You can choose your way massage a and here is the bottom line?

This powerful best neck massager has 4 massage points that will efficiently soothe your body muscles and relieve stiffness in the neck, Even it reduces stress in shoulders, back, legs, feet, in short in the total body.

Material and quality? I think you get the lifesaver.

Most people say that it has excellent quality and sturdy design, even more, the material is made of PU leather which is excellent and lithium iron betties performs well.

The best back massager is the perfect gift for you or others as it is multi-use full body massager that means it suitable to all people’s whether it is family members, friends, colleagues, professionals or anyone who wants to improve their complete full body health.

This one massage belt is the versatile massager with handle straps that allow you to adjust any position and pressure as you like or feel comfortable.

The shiatsu massage that will improve your blood circulation reduces blood pressure, restores and maintains body’s energy. You can feel fully fit and pain-free after using this best neck massager.

So, this best massage belt is the lifesaver!

  • Best cordless massager, you can use it anywhere and any position.
  • This multifunctional massager massages multiple areas of your body.
  • Great functionality and works very well.
  • Best quality material.
  • Sleek design and durable massage belt.
  • Affordable price with very great features.
  • It doesn’t hold a charge for a very long period.
  • If you are looking for high heat massager, then this might not be for you.

Electric 3D Kneading Pillow Massager – For Office, Home & Car

The next product Shiatsu 3D kneading massager is by InvoSpa.

InvoSpa is the number one best seller in spa chair and salon. So, get ready for the next number one massage belt that will make your body painless.

How? 8 massage roller balls.

The shoulder massager offers 4 big and 4 small nodes that provide deep tissue shiatsu massage on shoulder, neck, upper/lower back, waist, foot, legs, calves, almost everywhere in your body.

Feel relaxed! Want to relieve sore muscles and stress?

There are mainly four features available in the massage belt such as power switch, direction, intensity, and heat button.

By the use of this buttons, you can adjust the direction of massage, power, and intensity from various strength levels which gives you right choice of pressure that will relieve your muscle pain.

The Best:

The best neck massager auto reverses each minute for better massage effect all over in the body.

Heat function promoted better blood circulation and used to ease muscle tension and stress thanks to its infrared heat.

Three in one type:

Portable and durable massager includes wall power adapter and car charger so, you can use it at home, office or in a car while traveling.

There is more; this best massager comes with the durable carry bag so you can quickly take it with you anywhere you want!

Invospa aims to offer comfort massager that you can carry it with comfort for your comfort. Shiatsu best massager is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • It gives excellent deep tissue massage.
  • Well designed and awesome product.
  • Excellent working at the very good price.
  • Controls and features are fantastic and work well.
  • Kneading part is awesome.
  • The cord is the bit short.
  • No battery option available.


Ameiseye Ergonomic – U-Shape massager for Home and Car

The brand new 3rd one is U shaped massager from AMEISEYE.

Honestly, this is my favorite massager.

You may (I too) feel thankful just because of its perfect U shape electric kneading massager that comfortably fit on your body, and soothing heat will release tension and pain of sore muscle, even more, it boosts blood circulation and alleviates thighs or foot muscles, back, stiff neck, etc.

The four press buttons are pretty impressive!

On/Off, rotate direction, speed (slow, medium, high), Heater (On/Off light).

Just press of button that adjusts power, intensity, the direction and the speed of the massage from low to high. Enjoy the home massage experience and get the max benefits using this very cool functions!

Safety is the top NOTCH:

AMEISEYE massager features an automatic shutoff mechanism.

You might know this: What is the need for auto shutoff?

Well, there are many customers complaint about self-injury while they were trying out massager belt.

Auto shut off mode shuts off automatically when your massager over hits and prevents damage issue for your home and your health.

So, in my best neck massager reviews, this one is the first massager till now that offer you the best U shaped and safe massager.

This one is the perfect safe and reliable massager for both men and women.

Are going through freezing winter days, hard physical activity, stiff muscles or sense of discomfort that spoils your refreshing moments?

No more this kind of pain works!

Thanks to AMEISEYE shiatsu kneading massage tool that hold your all the pain and give you a comfortable feeling with full of your potential.

This can be your top standard home massage therapist!

This travel massager is best for neck and shoulder with 100% efficiency. So go… go… go… with this most rejuvenating shiatsu massage.

Give a fever to your spouse, family, sweetheart, or best friends and put a wide smile on their face by giving the unpredictable best shiatsu massage experience.

  • Best and easy to use massager for all age type.
  • Great deep tissue massage.
  • Great service, you can use it in a car as well as in the home.
  • Worth your every penny by giving excellent deep tissue massage and relive the pain.
  • Great ergonomic U shaped design that fits your body well.
  • It is bulky and not the good option for short people.


FIVE S Shiatsu – Best Neck and Back Massager

The 4th on my list is best neck and back massager by FIVE S.

The best neck massager with heat is just what you need after hard day’s work to relax. Infect it releases the pain of your neck, back, waist, arm, body, and legs thanks to its 8 kneading rollers and soothing heat.

Just need one tap of the button?

Yeah, the three one tap buttons are available in this best massager. One is for heat on/off, second for the power on/off and third for the massage direction from which you can change the rotation and direction of the massager.

This best massager has automatic shutoff mechanism and it shuts off after 15 minutes when massager gets too much hot, or no one uses it for a while.

Charging option:

Sadly it does not include batteries so it must be plugged into work. Even it is not cordless one so if you are looking for cordless one; then this might be a good option for you.

The portable electric massager has ac adapter and car adapter too!

You can use it at your home, office and in a car too. It has a great three years of warranty, and that’s pretty good to consider.

Keep in mind:

If you want your massager to work longer for you, push the power button on, and it will work for next 15 minutes. It is okay not use massager for more than 45 minutes.

Note that, check with your Dr. before purchasing this massager and use instruction manual that offers by FIVE S for better and smooth massage experience.

  • Works great and feels like a massage from the masseuse.
  • Good price and decent quality.
  • Durable, high-quality massager.
  • Great for neck pain and knots.
  • Strong as well as light and go deep depending on your need.
  • It is bit heavy.
  • Be careful while using heat massager.


Naipo Back and Neck Massager – Deep Kneading Massager

Massage has become the most popular treatment for improving well being.

So Naipo offers most innovative, relaxing and healthy therapeutic personal care products that will full fill all your massage needs.

Naipo is the best brand that will promise to give their customer useful, creative and friendly services so that their customers benefits the most.

Since 19th-century massager is most popular in the United States and provides people a treatment of pain and stress.

The best shoulder massager is the one who relieves stress and fatigue, something that improves your blood circulation and improves your health.

Someone who feel tired after sitting whole day in front of the computer and feel stressed, people who feel pain in their shoulder and back must buy this best massager. After all, a good massage can change your day.

The 2nd U shaped ergonomic design massager on my best neck massager reviews is Naipo shiatsu massage 1st is the AMEISEYE massager that we have seen earlier.

What’s the benefit of U shape?

Well, it perfectly fits on different body parts that will give more precise body massage.

3D kneading shiatsu massage technique and mesh fabric helps to relax muscles and soothe fatigue and promotes flexible mobility of the massage nodes.

How these massagers give perfect body massage? Especially in the areas where it is hard to reach?

Flexible straps, yeah this the reason why the massager gives you perfect body massage. This strap allows a massager to adjust and reach every point of your body.

Security is the primary concern, I know for me too!

A 20-minute auto shut off mechanism offers you protection against overheating. PU leather material keeps it easy to clean.


It offers dust-free cloth that prevents massager from dust and allows the more cushioned massage experience for you. Additionally, the pocket handle offers you to apply pressure at hard to reach areas and enjoy relaxing massage experience.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose massager that will help you in lower and upper back pain and something that you can use at the office, home, car or while traveling Naipo is on the go best massager that you will need.


  • Very effective massager especially in a rolling massage.
  • Well built and quality is pretty good.
  • Great options for heat, speed and direction control.
  • Lifesaver! Relives tension and muscle pain.
  • Value for money best massager.
  • Not enough power and you have to plug it on while using it.


Dr. Anna Luxury – Full Body Massager

Dr. Anna’s massager is the top rated and my most favorite massager on my top 10 best neck massager reviews list.

You can say it is the complete lifesaver!

In just 10 minutes that’s concise time you can feel relaxed, recovered and out of stress and fatigue pain with the help it’s heat and kneading functions.

Even more, it is proven effective in depression, anxiety, disorder, fibromyalgia, insomnia, headaches, injuries, as well as in boosting immunities and much more. Shiatsu not only helps in joints pain and soreness but it also helps in better blood circulation and overall health improvements.

Real massage?

Experience the touch of real massage because it engineered to mimic the human feel. The heat massager has eight soft, springy and bi-directional shiatsu massage nodes that rotate in 3D motion and imitates human fingers.

While speaking about safety, it has the built-in overheating protection that will protect you against getting skin-friendly or injured.

Premium quality massager made from eco-friendly, high grade and antibacterial ABS and massage head is robust, durable and wraps around your body comfortably providing high resistance.

Auto shut off mechanism with easy to use the one-touch button. This best massager gives you 100% risk-free satisfaction and lets you buy it with confidence.

I am sure you about this:

You will love the efficiency of this best massager and 2 different massaging modes (Neck and back shiatsu massage).

Make your morning perfect and evening pleasant by bringing the best neck massager at your home. Use it anywhere anytime you want.

It is lightweight! So carry it at your office, use in living room, or in the car, take it with you while traveling.

The best benefits of massager:

It can eliminate the fortune and high expenses that you will give to the massage therapist when you go for a massage.

12 V Dc power supply uses safely it in home or car. Best one-touch on/off, heat control and direction control button.

The 2 group of 4 bodies massager those in total eight nodes that rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise simulating human hand experience give you the best massage experience.

You can wrap it around a necessary area when apply adequate pressure using your arm and feel the flexibility regarding pressure and target specific pain point.

The best gift choice to give on any occasion may that luckiest one is your parent, loved ones, friends or colleagues, surely they gonna like this best gift.

  • This one is the great and highly recommended massager.
  • Perfect gift material gives it to anyone.
  • Great design and high quality material.
  • Good massager for the total body especially for the neck massage.
  • Great features and functions as well as sturdy design and come in a beautifully packed box.
  • Best massager works for pregnant women too!
  • Bit Heavy.


Shiatsu SL632 Snailax – Best Neck Massager

Shoulder massage pillow by SNAILAX. Just like AMEISEYE and NAIPO, it is the third most wanted U shaped pillow with ergonomic design and perfect to use with neck, calf foot, shoulders, and back.

3D deep kneading 8 rotating shiatsu massage point relax tense body muscles pain.

Improve your overall health by using soothing heat therapy that adds gentle warmth for aching muscles and simultaneously improves your blood circulation.

The best multipurpose pillow with armrest designs that free your hands and arm and allow adjustable and comfortable massage pressure wherever you want.

Easy to use by pressing the button on the control panel for various settings likes power on/off, direction, heat function and moreover AC home and car adapter for use in home and car.

15 minutes auto shut off timer for overheating and safety.

This is perfect lightweight massager primarily designed for office workers, athletes, computer users, and anyone who feels pain and want to relieve fatigue pain.

The cover is made from luxury PU leather with soft and durable mesh. The removable sleeve cover is washable and dustproof that keeps massager clean and can use it to soften the massage pressure when you feel the kneading too rough.

The best 2-year warranty from the purchase date on the product for any defect.

This one is the best massager I recommend to anyone.

  • Kneading functions work great and minimize the upper and lower back pain.
  • Heat function is just awesome. It relaxes the muscle and relives the fatigue.
  • Perfect trip or traveling massager.
  • Worth your every penny.
  • Excellent back, neck and shoulder massager.
  • Short lifespan, It may stopped working after some months.


Naipo Best Neck Massage – with Cordless Rechargeable Battery

The 2nd best massager from Naipo on my list, first we have seen is Back and neck massager.

So, again Naipo comes with another best massager that is cordless and rechargeable so someone who doesn’t like to seat near AC source for heaving massage, I Highly recommend this best neck massager to them.

This one is cordless, and battery included massager lets you enjoy massage anywhere at any place you love.

Battery made from lithium-ion and it is rechargeable and work continuously 90 minutes. Yeah, every 15-minute auto shut off mechanism just for your safety from overheating.

The four one tap massage functions make easy to operate massager and more convenient and hassle-free massage experience.

The hand free massager:

This massager has unique Velcro design that holds massager for you and provides you hand free massage experience. Even more, the long shoulder strap that offers you a more flexible way to massage your shoulder and back.

Just like another massager, it has eight deep shiatsu kneading nodes that relieve stiffness in neck and shoulders as well as removes sciatica and advance heating function warmth the muscle of your body.

What about charging time? You may probably wonder!

The 3 hours of max charge time and the blue indicator light will turn off when charging is done. After that, you can use it for 1.5 hours.

The U shape design allows you to massage every part of your body. Best for people who are under pressure because it greatly promotes blood circulation and soothes your body.

  • It is light weight and smaller design.
  • Impressive straps to attach around the waist.
  • Best and selectable one-touch heating functions.
  • 15 min auto shutoff the great safety option.
  • 4 clearly labeled and useful buttons (intensity, power, direction, and heat).
  • Battery only works well when it is plugged in.
  • Poor quality material.


Belmint Shiatsu Cordless Massager – Best For All Age

The second last massager from my top ten best neck massager reviews is by Belmint.

Whoops… big plus:

It allows you to massage different part of your body. You can control how deep you want a massage, the more you press, the more profound it will massage.

It eliminates knots like no other can do; it designs to get the most in-depth massage for neck and shoulders. The massager is designed for customers to need to tackle pain and aches or other discomforts to those targeted areas.

The perfect hassle-free for shoulder and back because ergonomic long flexible straps can control the strength and offers soft and precise massage.

This is the cordless massager, so you don’t have to find an outlet for having your massage done. Unlike another massager it never let you find a chair and sit next to the outlet and plug it in and all.

Lithium-ion battery included with this massager offers hours of massage while watching TV or sitting on the sofa, etc. Beautiful handbag for easy carrying the option while traveling.

Specially made for fall and winter times!

The deep tissue heat function relieves muscle pain, soothes and warms your body and increases the blood circulation and improves the flexibility of muscles.

The cordless massager programmed with 15 minutes auto shut of mechanism which protects you while using deep tissue massage.

You can feel real spa massage at home with this best shiatsu neck massager.

Note that:

A lithium-ion rechargeable battery works 2.5 hours, and you can use it in home, car, and office anywhere you want.

  • Wonderful design and it is handheld so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Excellent working.
  • Helpful in beck, neck and muscles pain.
  • Adjustable with your body shape.
  • Heat doesn’t work well but it massages pretty well.


AUGYMER – Best Shoulder and Neck Massager 

The last one best massager that I am going to review is by AUGYMER.

First of all, let me tell you that this one, not a cordless massager. So, If you are looking for cordless one, then this massager may not be the right choice for you.

The best shoulder and neck massager capable of relaxing and soothing your neck, back, shoulders, or waist by offering you in-depth kneading shiatsu massage with soothing heat.

Selectable heat option provides soothing relief to your muscles that increase massage experience and relaxes you.

This massager may be painful for those who don’t use to have a deep massage because this massager primarily designed for deep massage. So, that use towel in between massager so your body feel better massage experience.

This is multifunctional massager not only works for the neck but also works on feet, rood waist and much more. It speeds up muscle recovery and increases blood circulation.

So basically, it deeply activates your body parts and relieves pain.

Massage your whole body with 8 deep kneading massage nodes. It requires 12V DC and AC power supplies so you can enjoy the long drive with therapeutic massage.

While speaking about its functionality:

On/Off heating function can speed up blood circulation and relieve pain. It beneficial it summer time when you no longer need heat but only want a massage at the time you can turn off heating function and enjoy your deep tissue massage.

This one is the pro!

It is made of skin-friendly leather!

The design and leather to prevent the electric shock, overheating and improves the working time. The product will automatically shut off to prevent skin damage or any injury.

  • Great for tight back, shoulder, and neck.
  • The material is pretty cool and skin friendly.
  • Works better than even massage chair.
  • Effortless use no need to fear anything.
  • Very hard massager knobs.


Final Words : Best Neck Massage Chair

So, are you deciding to buy the best massager for you?

If you still confused in deciding which best massager is right for you, here is our experts pick from that you may get some idea which massager is best to buy.

Well, every massager listed above is the best one but choose the one that is right for you.

Best Cordless Massager:

If you are looking for best cordless massager and don’t like to seat near the plug and want handheld one, then Belmont Shiatsu Cordless Massager is the smart choice. Checkout More at Amazon.

It is flexible, portable and comes with slick design and better massage for everyone.

Best Cord Massager:

If the cordless is not your need and you are comfortable with the adapter, then Dr. Anna Luxury full body massager is the, best massager you can buy.Checkout More at Amazon.

Easy to use with built-in light and easily relieve your muscle pain and give warmth feeling to your muscles.

Hope this will helpful for you and if you still have any questions then hit the comment below or directly contact us.

Have a happy massage time!

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